To encourage young and emerging art critics to engage with topics and geographical regions that are not routinely covered in the media; to encourage new forms of critical expression; and to promote the  international circulation of new ideas and new writing.  


CALLS FOR SUBMISSION (deadline 23 August 2019):

AICA Incentive Award for Young Art Critics recognizes emerging voices in art criticism around the world. In 2019, the International Association of Art Critics (AICA) and its Awards Committee, with the support of the AICA German section, launches the seventh edition of AICA Incentive Award for Young Art Critics. AICA invites young art critics from all over the globe to submit an article or a review on a subject (an exhibition, a biennale, a profile of an artist etc.) related to the theme of the congress: Art Criticism in Times of Nationalism and Populism.

A detailed presentation of the Congress theme and content is published in English, French and Spanish on the AICA website. (


• Critics have to be 35 years old or younger on August, 23rd 2019. The winner does not have to be an AICA member.

• The text (up to 2.500 words) must be written in English. The author can send a copy in his/her native language, if wanted.


• Last date for submissions: 23 August 2019.


• All submissions should be sent to, properly labeled “AICA Incentive Award for Young Art Critics”, with a copy to

Incentive Prize for Young Critics 2018

The winner of the 6th AICA Incentive Award for Young Art Critics is Felix Ho Yuen Chan (b. 1994 in Hong Kong), who graduated from New York University's Gallatin School of Individualized Studies in 2017 with a focus on avant-garde art in China and Japan and the social history of photography. Living and working in New York, he is currently a curatorial assistant at The Walther Collection, where he is assisting Brian Wallis in organising a series of exhibitions investigating vernacular photography.
The AICA Awards Jury praises Chan’s winning submission A Theater—In Absence as a “well-researched evaluation of artworks and their institutional and social contexts, with a fair and reflective judgment as a whole. His essay demonstrates art criticism at its best – identifying the uneven powers that art and artists may be immersed in and contextualising art and artists in the complexities of institutional, social, cultural, political, and economic realities.”

Download article here.

The Awards Committee also congratulates the two recipients of an Honorable Mention: Alana Victoria Hunt (b. 1984 in Australia) for her paper A mere drop in the sea of what is, and Enkaryon Ang (family name: Mu-Cheng Hung, b. 1981 in Taiwan) for his essay Return to the Psychogenic Theatre: A discussion about Chen Che-wei’s `Yang-Shen-Yuan’.
Alana Hunt lives in Miriwoong country in the remote north-west of Australia. She makes art, writes, and works with a variety of media across public, gallery and online spaces. The jury praises her work as “documenting the compelling reality in Kashmir in terms of representation in daily life as well as in evoking artistic justice, by boldly pushing the limits of artistic discourse which tend to stay within existing orthodoxies.
Enkaryon Ang studied Chemistry and Life Sciences and is now a Ph.D. candidate in chemical biology and biophysics. He has published two poetry collections Rorschach Inkblot (2009) and Hedgehog (2014). The jury praises his essay From bio-politics to Psychoanalysis for “a wide and deep analysis of the modernity of Taiwan.”


Download 6th AICA Incentive Award For Young Art Critics

Télécharger le 6e Prix AICA d’encouragement pour la jeune critique

Descargar el 6° Premio de Incentivo AICA para Jóvenes Críticos

Jury members for the 6th AICA Incentive Prize for Young Art Critics
Ching-Wen CHANG -Taiwan
PhD, Asst. Prof. of National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan

Yang YEUNG - Hong Kong
Curator, Founding Member & Artistic Director of Soundpocket

Nhung WALSH - Vietnam
Executive Director and Chief Curator of Indochina Arts Partnership

Chien-Mei LIU - Canada
Prof. of Department of East Asian Studies, University of Toronto

Jeannine TANG - Singapore
PhD, Curator, Art Critic

Damian Smith - Australia
Curator, Director of Words for Art, Melbourne, Australia

Mariko Takeuchi - Japan
Curator, and associate prof. of Kyoto University of Art and Design

Incentive Prize for Young Critics 2016

The Jury of the AICA Incentive Prize for Young Critics, 2016 edition − Sara Hermann (Dominican Republic), Michael Asbury (United Kingdom) and Carlos Acero Ruiz (Dominican Republic) − has chosen the text “The Creation of Sanctioned Spaces and the Fall of the Cuban Wall: The 12th Bienal de La Habana”, by Victor Wang (Canada-UK) to be the winner.

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