Committee Members

Henry Meyric Hughes (Chair, UK), Lisbeth Rebollo Gonçalves (ex officino, Brazil), Carlos Acero Ruiz (Dominican Republic), Sophie Allgård (Sweden), Marjorie Allthorpe-Guyton (UK), Lisbeth Bonde (Denmark), Christian Chambert (Sweden), Ninon Gauthier (Canada), Rui Gonçalves Cepeda (UK), Liam Kelly (Ireland), Klara Kemp-Welch (UK), Jacques Leenhardt (France), Ling Min (Open Section), Jesús Pedro Lorente (Spain AECA), Pilar Parcerisas (Spain Catalonia ACCA), Jean-Marc Poinsot (France), Mathilde Roman (France).

List updated and reconfirmed at the General Assembly on 29 October 2015


Mission Statement

The Committee for the Archives and Living Memory (ALM Committee)

This Committee’s mission is to help tosafeguard, evaluate and build on the historic memory of AICA and stimulate AICA members’ involvement in the activities of the Archives de la critique d’art and the review, Critique d’art, in Rennes, France – a registered Groupe d’intérêt scientifique, of which AICA is one of the three founding bodies.

The Committee meets twice annually, at the time of AICA’s Spring Board meeting and of its AGM, in the autumn. Its Chair is electable for three years on a recurrent basis, and represents the Commission at twice annual meetings of the Archives, in Rennes. Its members are listed and approved annually, at the time of AICA’s AGM. They are not limited in number, though routine communications about the Committee’s activities are generally confined to international Board members (and others), who are able to take part in its meetings.