Carlos Acero Ruiz (Chair, Dominican Republic), Lisbeth Rebollo Gonçalves (ex officino, Brazil), Marjorie Allthorpe-Guyton (UK), Christian Chambert (Sweden), Niilofur Farruck (Pakistan), Henry Meyric Hughes (UK), Liam Kelly (Irland), Chi-Ming Lin (Taiwan), Jesús-Pedro Lorente (Spain AECA), David Mateo (Cuba), Tineke Reijnders (Netherlands), Mathilde Roman (France), Elisa Rusca (Switzerland), Andrzej Szczerski (Poland)



By proving a mission statement for the AICA Congress Committee the members understand how their work will fit within the purposes.
The mission is to plan, organize and conduct the annual AICA Congress with full cooperation with the National Section, or the Region that host(s) the Congress, to offer the global AICA membership the opportunity to discuss topics related to Art Critics, to exchange ideas from their peers, and from invited speakers, in the annual event.
The mission is to develop an understanding and full communication and cooperation with the host section for the upcoming congress.
The mission is to develop programs, enlist speakers and determine schedules and facilities for the General Assembly, Board Meetings, Committees meetings, seminars, conferences and forums in the proper environment.
The mission is to ensure with the host section the budget by preparing the full congress budget for consideration by General Assembly and the Board. The host section is responsible for obtaining the grants and local sponsors for the organization of the meetings during entire Congress, including the Pre- or Post- Congress tours or activities, and will follow the Rough Guide to the Organisation of an AICA Congress, available on the AICA website.