Winners of the 2019 AICA Incentive Award for Young Critics

The Jury of the AICA Incentive Award for a young critic is pleased to announce the winners of its 2019 edition.

The AICA Incentive Award 2019 goes to

  • Wenting TAO, with her text "How the Curatorial Stereotyping of Chinese Art Essentializes the Work of Zheng Guogu".

Mrs Tao will be joining us in Berlin to present her text during the award ceremony on October 5th at Berlinische Galerie.

In addition to the winning prize, the Jury decided for two special mentions.

  • A Special Mention goes to Jaka Lombar, for his text "Reactivating the Archive Must Entail Tearing Down the Palimpsest of Populism"

  • The second Special Mention goes to Qianfan Gu, for her text "Whose China?"