No Borders (Just N.E.W.S.*)


No Borders (Just N.E.W.S.*)


The exhibition No Borders (Just N.E.W.S.*) brings together the work of 29 recently graduated artists from the art schools of 22 European countries. It has been organised by the International Association of Art Critics (AICA), in partnership with AICA’s National Sections in Ireland, Denmark, Valencia, Greece, and in collaboration with the Contemporary Art Centre, La Centrale électrique, in Brussels, and the CACT/ Thessaloniki Center of Contemporary Art. This exhibition aims to show something of the diversity, but also the relatedness of contemporary artistic creation in different parts of Europe, at a time when the value and the very purpose of an art school education are the subject of heated debate. The project, as a whole, takes the form of this travelling exhibition, the present catalogue and bilingual proceedings of a series of seminars : From Art School to Professional Practice.

203 pages
English/ French/ Dutch
ISBN 2-9506768-6-3

203 pages
English/ Greek/ Spanish
ISBN 2-9506768-8-X
20 €

Publishers: AICA PressVille de Bruxelles, asbl Bruxelles-Musées-Expositions and Thessaloniki Center of Contemporary Art, 2008

 Forewords - Joëlle Milquet, Alderwoman in Charge of Cultural Affairs of the City of Brussels
 Art without borders – Museums open to challenges - Giorgos V. Tsaras, President of the SMCA ; Maria Tsantsanoglou, Director of the SMCA ; Syrago Tsiara, Director of the CACT ; Efi Strousa, President of the ΑICA Hellas
 Introduction - Henry Meyric Hughes, President of AICA
 No Borders, so much the better ! - Ramon Tió Bellido, Curator of the exhibition, General Secretary of AICA
 An Admonition from Antiquity - Thanos M. Veremis, President of the Greek National Education Council
 The Artists 
Kristoffer Akselbo / Ece Burgaz / Nina Canell / Sebastian Christoffel / Coolturistes / Rudy Decelière / Marjan Denkov / Kristina Draškovic / Brendan Earley / Willehad Eilers / Merike Estna / Erica Eyres / David Ferrando Giraut / Caroline Froissart / Simon Hitziger / Tellervo Kalleinen / Ulrike Knorr / Maria Lusitano / Marula (Mayra Vázquez) / Kristina Müntzing / Ailbhe Ní Bhriain / Randi Nygård / Lala Raščić / Kateřina Šedá / Ivana Smiljanić / Babis Venetopoulos / Vritis (David Cantera) / Pernille With Madsen / Zorka Wollny /

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