From art school to professional practive


From art school to professional practive


Proceedings of the seminars hold in Dublin, Copenhagen, Valencia, Athens

This book will gather the speeches given by directors and professors coming from several art schools through Europe, as well as guests curators and art crtics, all discussing about current methods of art teaching, specially since the adoption of the Bologna reforms and the goals open by this european network challenge.

232 pages
English / French
ISBN 2-9506768-7-1

Publishers: AICA Press and ensa_bourges école nationale supérieure d’art de bourges, 2008

 Forewords - Paul Devautour
 Introduction - Henry Meyric Hughes

1/ European Reforms or the Interests of Standardisation vs. European Diversity of Cultures
On Not Knowing the Academy - Mikkel Bogh
An All Too Timely Invitation… - Koen Brams
 How do we do 3+2 in Tallinn ? - Marko Mäetamm
 Art Education in Turkey and the Road to Europe - Ahu Antmen
 Retarded Education and Advanced Practice, or Life on the Margins – The Greek Experience - Miltos Fragopoulos
 Changes in Teaching in Higher Education in Switzerland - Ambroise Tièche
 Normalising the Artist - Brian Maguire

2/ Contents and Goals of Art Training
 Schools of Fine Arts : Is there any Need for Them ? - Emmanuel Mavrommatis
 The Flu-ID Case - Zoran Todorovic
 Suspected or Imagined Authorities - Maria Hussakowska
 Studies in Professional Practice : the Context and Background in Croatia - Ines Krasic
 Rethinking Art Studies at the Area of New Technologies - Armando Pilato Iranzo
 A Visual 3D Knowledge Mapping and Generation Tool for Understanding the Innovation Environment - Kirsten Langkilde

3/ Around the Art School, after the Art School
 Art Criticism and Curatorial Training in Art Schhols in France, or How to Talk About a Desert - Ramon Tio Bellido
 Do you sincerely want to be poor ? – On Being an Artist - Sam Ainsley
 New Media as a Motor for Visaul Art Training - José Ramon Alcalá
 Keep it Informal : Artists for and against Establishment - Pilvi Kalhama
 The Artist-Curator : An Academic Challenge ? - Tânia Saraiva
 Five Years On - Jiri Prihoda
 Post-Graduate Studies and the Gallery Space : an Artist’s Perspective - Niamh O’Malley
 When Artists want to be Curators and Curators Artists - Bo Nilsson

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